Damaging Minds and Bodies: Trauma, Violence and the Criminal Justice System

February 10-11, 2017

Sponsored by Repair, and co-sponsored by the Youth and Justice Clinic at the UCLA School of Law, the UCLA American Indian Studies Center, the UCLA Disability Studies Program, the National Association of Social Workers - USC Unit

View sessions from the symposium below.


1. Keynote Address
Presented by Camille Nelson

2. Assessing the Landscape and Preparing for the Next Four Years: Policing, Deportations, and Incarceration
Claudia Pena, Chair
Angeles Zaragoza
Janaya Khan
Thomas Saenz
Priscilla Ocen

3. Delineating the Harm: Traumatic Consequences of Policing and Mass Incarceration
Elyn Saks, Chair
Ameena Ahmed
Lorraine Bonner
Cecelia Chung
Deborah Dorfman

4. The Criminalization of Youth: Consequences for Health, Life Chances, and Communities
Linda Demer, Chair
Diana Onley-Campbell
Shantel Vachani
Jyoti Nanda
Everlyn Hunter

5. Race, Social Control and Punishment in the United States
Mishuana Goeman, Chair
Rachel Meerapol
Sarah Haley
Barbara Creel
Ameena Qazi