Resilience: A Storytelling Event

Resilience Flyer

Transformation: Lectures, Conversations, and Storytelling About Healing and Social Action

Stories by Jackie Lara, Jennifer Ortiz, Nikki Brown

Welcome and Introductions by Claudia Peña, Susan Hess 

Opening lecture by Beth Ribet

Co-sponsored by Trauma-Informed LAYetunde Price Resource Center

Resilience is the first event in the Transformation storytelling series. The series features community organizers, advocates, healers, survivors, theorists, and artists, in the role of “storyteller”. Storytellers will draw from their life experiences and personal and communal narratives and histories in order to speak to the seven event themes included in the series. The events in the Transformation series are intended to speak to our collective desire for deep social change, and to support us in finding the energy, strength, connection, and knowledge that we need in order to repair our world, and to heal ourselves and our communities.

View the full schedule and learn more about the Transformation Storytelling Series.

Saturday, August 25, 2018 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Mercado La Paloma
Conference Room (located in the Southeast corner of the building)
3655 S. Grand Ave, #240
Los Angeles, CA 90007