"Trauma Informed Care Meets Spiritual Care": A Workshop for Chaplains

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Introductions by: Reverend Chris Ponnet, M.Div., BCC Director, Spiritual Care at LA County & University of Southern California

Presentations by: 
Beth Ribet, PhD. JD, Co-Director of Repair 
Susan Hess, MSW, LCSW-IL, Co-Founder, Trauma Informed LA
Samia Bano, Academy of Thriving
Closing Remarks by: Cantor Fran Chalin, Chaplain, MSW/MJCS

Co-sponsored by: The Department of Spiritual Care at LAC + USC Medical Center, Repair, Trauma Informed LA, Academy of Thriving, and the St. Camillus Center for Spiritual Care

Free, RSVP required to repair.inquiries@gmail.com 
Space is limited.

What is "trauma-informed care"?
Trauma-informed care refers to a growing body of knowledge, multiple sets of tools for practitioners, and an approach to providing care -- usually healthcare and social services. While it is a complex field, one of its primary aims involves helping practitioners to understand how client and patient trauma shape medical, psychological, and communal experience, and affect the provision of and outcomes associated with care. In the past 15 years, the trauma-informed care "movement" has generated thousands of publications, hundreds of conferences, workshops and webinars, and has gained strength internationally. Members of the U.S. Congress, the National Institute of Health, and most U.S. states have, in recent years -- all recognized the "trauma-informed" approach as a vital resource for helping practitioners to meet the needs of vulnerable populations, and for helping to solve major social problems. 

Why provide a workshop specifically for Chaplains?

Despite the fact that "trauma-informed care" has become a familiar concept to many healthcare and social service providers, certain professions have been neglected, as information, training and supports have been disseminated. Chaplains -- working in hospitals, hospice facilities, prisons and jails, and other community settings -- have often been left entirely out of the conversation, and many are still unfamiliar with the "trauma-informed care" movement and the resources it can provide. This workshop, representing a collaboration between spiritual care providers and community and university educators, briefly introduces the field of trauma-informed care, and creates an initial space for dialogue about how trauma-informed care might reach and benefit chaplains and all of the communities served by spiritual care providers. 
Want to read up a little? Learn more about trauma-informed resources and activity in Los Angeles from "Trauma-Informed LA", one of the workshop providers.
Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
1st floor Conference Room, Room 1729
LAC + USC Historical General Hospital
2051 Marengo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033