"Examining the Roots of Human Trafficking and Exploitation"

January 29 -30, 2015

Sponsored by the UCLA Law Review, and Co-sponsored by Repair

View sessions from the symposium below.


1. Introductions and Welcoming Remarks

Introductions by:
Jason Stavely, Symposium Editor
UCLA Law Dean Rachel Moran
UCLA Vice-Provost Christine Littleton

Welcoming remarks: Dr. Beth Ribet

2. “The Roots of Violence: Indigenous Perspectives on Trafficking, Exploitation & Law”

Christine Stark
Victoria Sweet
Professor Sarah Deer
Dr. Robyn Bourgeois

Chair: Dr. Mishuana Goeman
Discussant: Professor Julian Aguon

3. “Coordinated Legal Responses to Trafficking & Exploitation: Information for Law Enforcement & Legal Advocates”

Kerry White
Melissa Decker Cheslock
Maria Carmen Lopez
Aida Diaz
D’Lita Miller
Sara Van Hofwegen

Chair: Professor Jyoti Nanda

4. “Manifestations of Exploitation & Severe Trauma in Bodies & Psyches: Information for Healthcare Practitioners

Sara Weinberg
Dr. Susie Baldwin
Dr. Kenneth Chuang

Chair: Dr. Lorraine Bonner

5. “Criminalizing Victims of Sexual Exploitation: Comprehending the Harm & Shifting Policy & Practice”

Anne Gannon
Dr. Meredith Dank
Angeles Zaragoza

Chair: Vice-Provost Christine Littleton
Discussant: Dr. Bianca Wilson

6. “Labor Exploitation & Trafficking: Addressing Economy, Citizenship & Domestic and International Policy”

Anna Park
Ima Matul
Professor Janie Chuang
Professor Kathleen Kim

Chair: Professor Lara Stemple
Discussant: Elissa Barrett

7. “Historical, Social & Legal Dimensions of Exploitation, Prostitution & Slavery”

Introductions by Professor Laura Gomez and Professor Khaled Abou El Fadl

Professor Cheryl Butler
Professor Cheryl Harris
Professor Priscilla Ocen
Nikole Cababa

Chair: Claudia Peńa
Discussant: Professor Alina Ball

8. Keynote Address

Introduction by UCLA Vice-Chancellor Carole Goldberg

Address by California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris

9. “Fraught, ‘Invisible’ and Contested Issues in Human Rights & Anti-Trafficking Advocacy & Policy”

Autumn Burris
Carissa Phelps
Professor Deborah Dorfman
Professor Karima Bennoune

Chair: Professor Jasleen Kohli
Discussant: Professor Tendayi Achiume

10. Closing Reflections: “Survivor-Centered Approaches to Combating Trafficking & Exploitation”

Christine Stark
Carissa Phelps
Autumn Burris
Dr. Robyn Bourgeois

Chair: Dr. Beth Ribet