Podcast: Exploitation

“Exploitation: A Podcast About Abuses in Conservatorship and Guardianship Systems” focuses on predatory practices by court-appointed professionals who gain legal custody over vulnerable adults and persons with disabilities. Recent documentaries and ongoing media coverage have addressed the exploitation of vulnerable elders and adults with disabilities by professional conservators and guardians -- people appointed by courts to take financial, medical, and personal control over vulnerable people with disabilities, and seniors.[1] The "Exploitation" podcast addresses an urgent social need, in bringing the stories of traumatized families to light, exploring policy solutions and efforts to hold perpetrators accountable, hearing from advocates and activists, and exposing common fraudulent and unethical dynamics that enable financial abuse in guardianship and conservatorship systems in the U.S. 

The Exploitation Podcast builds on Repair’s prior 2019 event, “Gentrification, Wealth Transfer, and Abuses in Conservatorship and Guardianship Systems”.

[1] See e.g. 2018 documentary film: “The Guardians”.